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Himachal Pradesh is nestling in the lap of western Himalayas and its territory is almost mountainous with altitudes ranging between 350 to 7000 meters above the mean sea level. The State has been endowed with bountiful natural resources such as dense forests, wild life, abundant water, lime deposits and other minerals. The predominant occupations of the people are agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry and the total population of the state is approximately 68.56 lakh (2011 census) while the total geographical area is 55673 sq.K.M. The State is surrounded on its North by Jammu and Kashmir whereas Uttar Pradesh is in the Southeast, Haryana on the south and the Punjab in the west and since the state in lying in Himalayan mountain region, it enjoys temperate climate. The rainfall is abundant and equally distributed throughout the year.

Physio-graphically the territory can be divided into three zones viz. Shivaliks, inner Himalayas or mid mountains and the greater Himalayas.

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